Back !

I have written here for a long time nothing, but now it should continue.
I have made up my mind to my own pleasure to build me an army consisting only of robots.
Maybe I also build some Steampunk elements with one, but I 'm not sure yet.

With my HQ I started before, of the counterpart of the Warboss.


The first tests how I can display the default units I have already made.

During construction, I will draw on all that is available at Bitz on the market, but the main ingredients are probably come from Games Workshop kits. Space Marines , Tau and Necrons seem to me to be best suited for my project.

And here is a little experiment with Necron Bitz.

Of course I will also build a few things from plastic card, but only if I can not find the appropriate Bitz.
No idea how will be the updats regularly, but I am sure that not another y
ear lasts until it goes on here. 


  1. oh mann i wanted write something about that robot but this b ike just blow my mind!!! that necron at front - hats off mate hats off!!! O would build bike like this in real world!

  2. Thanks Mate. I hope I have time soon to finish the ghost rider.